Brilliance Together

Intelligence . Simplicity . Speed Product Engineering | Deep Integrations | Data Engineering | Data Science

Achieve Together

We help organizations with Technology, Engineering, Practices and Implementations. Achieve speed, scalability and trust with us

Product Discovery

Quick proof of concepts, MVP approach to validate product features with your customers or self

Speed to Market

Platforms & practices set for fast deliveries. Realize the product faster and set yourself for high speeds


Minds are set to be collaborative, agile and empirical. Speed up your technology to match business

/Web Applications

Interactive, single page or static. Geared with latest tech giving right fit with superb user experience

/Mobile Apps

iOS, Android and Windows apps expertise. So you can be live and available anywhere

/Services & APIs

Microservices, APIs to elastic search, SEO and more. Backends, simple and scalable for you

Aim & Drive

Our mission is to help businesses scale fast, test hypothesis and grow trust by giving quick turnarounds for their technology and practices needs

Why we are quite good for you

Big businesses or Startups, our approach & skills will help you gain your share

Strong and Fast execution

With fitting technologies, platforms, open methods and great team, we plan good and deliver on that

simple & nimble

Agility is our mindset. We keep things straight by being egoless, focused, transparent and choose tools that encourage collaboration

Worth the investment

We strongly believe in having most value and impact of time, be it yours or ours. We aim to build trust with our methods & execution

Technologies & Platforms

Our teams are highly competent in what they do. We are always learning and growing, creating niche and exceptional value for you and us together

Where can we connect with your business

Anywhere actually! It can be a new project/product; or in between for more throughput; or independent deliveries to help your priorities

Complete Workout

You be the mind and drive the product. We become your technology arm working in tandem to build it. We architect, design, code, correct, test & implement all

Plug and Play

You plug us with your team to deliver more priorities. We work with your team to complete features increasing the churn rate. So we be your gadget, just plug and play


We build up a team for you and run your technology needs with them till you are good to get it running yourself