Behavioural Analytics

There is no business earning without the customer. Therefore if you have potential customers, it is only then you can hold on to your empire. Thinking on the same aspect we capture digital consumer behaviour and further divide it into customer attributes. With respect to the same, Customer Attributes are augmented with added offline data based on a customer identifier with demographics data, loyalty-program data, and any other customer-based data that may stress your business or your customers’ behaviours on your digital involvements.
The software enables you to get the concrete answer to “How are the customers using the product, if at all?” It provides a visual interference where the teams segment the users, run the report and as well as presume and understand customers’ needs and interest. It makes a holistic approach and provides a human view, of data, connecting individual data points to tell us not only what is happening, but also how and why it is happening.
At Cathyos behavioural analytics, we provide visions to the trends, patterns and relationship that occur within the micro-geographies around the web for instance, retail stores, hospitals, and sporting arenas. Have a glance at what actionable information is received for optimizing the report based on interaction with the physical space, choice of language, inclination towards product and more questions like:

  • What is the foot traffic that turned my point-of-sale?
  • Did visitor find the display as a barrier for moving through the premises?
  • What made the customer move between merchandise zones?