Mobile Bi

Cathyos offers the variety of Mobile BI services and Mobile App development such as the development of Mobile dashboards, Mobile reports and providing real-time analytics using KPIs on Mobile devices

Web-Based Mobile BI

Here, users can access the application through their device’s web-browser. Also, users will have a consistent experience across both mobile and desktop versions of the application, with access to similar or identical data and features.

App Based Mobile BI

As this is the native app, the user experience is usually better overall than accessing a BI application through a mobile web-browser.

Industry Use Cases


Executives at a retail store or grocery store chain can easily search data relates to sales for specific product lines and can balance inventory levels in an appropriate way.


During Campus events, a university president can keep an eye on the security of the institute by viewing real-time dashboard data as crowd size and incidents reported.


A hospital administrator who is attending a medical conference and is out of town can still make staffing decisions and informed staff the decisions by simply accessing Mobile BI tools in order to observe usage of room and provider availability patterns.