Building Best Team Ever

What Do We Do

If you want to be a top notch software architect or a data scientist, then you should be at Cathyos. We conceptualize, design and implement software solutions to solve real world problems. A lot of our work is AI driven, with new age User Interfaces for web or mobile apps. We work with state-of-the-art techniques, open source and cloud based software technologies. We believe this is the best time to be a technologist, and technology should be used to solve real life problems to make the world a better place to live in. We work with our clients to understand their problems statements, and we build solutions for their business. Our clients are in diverse business - Retail, Finance, Travel, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Software Platforms, Legal, Digital Publishing and Government Services.

Who will fit the best with Cathyos

We have a strong bias for real technical knowledge and hands on work. For us, the attitude to get it done is everything. So, our team members move beyond the theoretical books and tutorials, and dirty their hands with intricate and complex problems too. Whether it is an algorithm, an architecture issue, coding complexity, a test strategy, massive and complex data segments, we take it all in our stride. Also, when you talk to us, its a good idea to prepare a bit. If you are a UI developer, we would like to know about your capabilities with say, Javascript, Jquery, HTML5/CSS3, vue.js, Angular.js, material.io. Or maybe, if you have worked with Objective C and SWIFT or if you are a Java developer or J2EE architect, tell us how you built a solution with micro services, or maybe frameworks like Spring Book and Spark. If you are, or aspire to be, a data scientist, we will be keen to explore your grounding in statistics and probability, how you chose the class of algorithms and your implementations which may be R, Weka, NumPy or MatLab. And did we say Scrum and Agile? Of course, you are not limited by these examples, because these are just examples. So, you get the picture! Talk to us to explore great opportunities with Cathyos.

Company Culture And Values


We believe that human beings are at their best when they are happy doing what they do.Therefore, we keep the communication channels and all doors open within AQ4 to foster creativity and innovation. We like opinions, and its great when your opinions and point of views are voiced and become real ideas in life.


We do take breaks, whether it is to just celebrate a colleagues birthday or a project milestone or maybe a small gathering of joy outside the office. We believe in taking care of our team members, no short cuts on that. After all, a happy team is what makes us successful when we solve complex problems for our clients.

Customer Centric

We realize that the reason we exist is our customers, "they are the purpose of our work and give us an opportunity to do so".Therefore, we take ownership of the work we perform, we are objective in our proposals and assessments, and we strive to deliver on time and with quality that every customer deserves.


Our teams are highly competent in what they do. We are always learning and growing, creating niche and exceptional value for you and us together

/Learning Environment

We provide a fertile environment to further your knowledge, skills and creativity. We are led by technology professionals who have decades of experience in software industry.


We provide challenging work opportunities with latest in technology. Our clients are leading names in their businesses and look to us to create cutting edge solutions.

/Match the Best

We offer the best compensation, in line with the industry trends. We also offer health coverage for our employees and their families.

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